Cölln, one part of the former double-town Berlin-Cölln was mentioned in 1237 for the first time and in 1244 the first mention of Berlin followed.


Berlin became an important city as capital of Kingdom of Prussia and later in the German Reich. As Prussian’s centre, Berlin was ruled by Friedrich I. of Prussia and Emperor William II of Germany.


The consequences of World War II were devastating for Berlin, the following blockade and the city’s divide for decades by the Berlin Wall had big impact – both on the Berliners mind and on the cityscape.


Since 1990, Berlin is Germany’s new capital and seat of the government and is on the move since then. After the wall came down and especially in the new century, the city gained many new inhabitants, tourists and economical investors, transforming Berlin in one of the liveliest places and highly livable cities of the world.


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