Nothing is more exciting!
This city is slowly but surely catching up...

Berlin – nothing is more exciting! There are many synonyms for this unique city: Centre of culture and media, major East-West-connection, pulsating economical, scientific and technological center, sprawling green city and naturally capital and home of the government.


Nearly 3.5 million people live in this melting pot of touchable history, unstoppable progress and diverse lifestyle and culture. Berlin, with its richness of various nationalities, is definitely a cosmopolitan city. With its central geographical and political position in the heart of the growing European Community and especially with the Eastern-European neighbors, it will boost many international companies’ interest in the city of Berlin in the years to come.

This city is slowly but surely catching up with other important metropolises like London and Paris. Currently it is hard to find any other European city with a higher or similar economic potential.

Whatever the future may bring, one thing is sure: Berlin will develop dynamically and create attractiveness for politics, culture and economy beyond the German border. 

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