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Private Concierge Card

Finally time for the really important things – with the Private Concierge Card from Accord Estates!

Private Concierge Card​

Time for important things

Do you have stress at work, too little free time and the many small duties of everyday life are draining your last nerve? Then we at Accord Estates have just the thing for you! With our Private Concierge Card, we are happy to support you with everyday tasks and thus not only give you more free time, but also time for the really important things in life.

From registering or deregistering water, electricity or gas, to booking concert or cinema tickets, arranging craftsmen and service providers, delivering fresh baked goods on the weekend or a cleaning service for your suits. No matter what your wishes may be, with Accord Estates and the Private Concierge Card, our customers can now benefit from unbeatable contacts in all areas of life.

Our services at a glance:

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