Need Financing?


Would you like to benefit from the most advantageous financing interest in the real estate area? 

Would you like to increase the volume of investments with a partial financing?


Regarding the actual key data on the interest market in Germany, the parties’ financing from a real estate investment in advantageous conditions is recommended, so that the volume of investments will almost double itself.


But the real estate financing in a foreign country represents an almost insurmountable barrier. The frame data are different from the usual ones and questions like "whom can I ask?” "What documents do I need?", 
"How much time does it take for a financing request to be approved?" find an answer with us.


As your partner, we have simplified the things for our clients:


We can offer you, as our client, mainly the following financing possibilities: 


54 % of the purchase price of your real estate property 


Example of calculation:



The purchase price of your real estate property: 200.000 €

54 % financing :108.000 €


Necessary ownership equity :92.000 €


Necessary documents:

  • Last fiscal statement
  • Passport in copy


Duration of data processing until the approval of financing: 

48 hours


Drafting the loan agreement/Possible payment:
Usually 10 working days


Loan granting period:  
Upon request 5 – 25 years


Establishing the interest:
Upon request 5-20 years


The financing conditions are variable and are guided depending on the development within the German interest market.


We are pleased to calculate your mortgage possibility and we can answer any question related to this.


Feel free to contact us!


Right now, Berlin is enjoying its omnipresent progress. Investing in property can mean that, in comparison to other European markets, the enhancement in value can be a lot higher.


Low property and construction costs ease the purchase of a high-end realty, which is likely to give a good return very soon. The location is as relevant as the realty’s quality.