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Digital Viewing

Even From a Distance Always Live on Site

With the introduction of the “digital viewing service“, Accord Estates GmbH revolutionizes the international real estate market. This digital service especially allows foreign investors to obtain an initial assessment of a favoured object without the necessity of being personally on site.

So in case it should not be possible for the customer to personally attend the arranged viewing appointment due to financial reasons, problems with appointment coordination, illness or similar, this technical innovation provides the perfect solution to not renounce the possibilty of a lucrative investment or a new home.

Especially in the real estate market, there frequently is the problem of beautified or manipulated pictures and videos, outwardly prettying up the condition of the objects to be sold. However, this does not necessarily reflect the actual state of the property. With the “digital viewing service“, these problems now belong to the past.

And this it how it works...

on site

Our agent is present in the property selected at the agreed date

via smartphone

You then contact our agent with your smartphone, tablet or computer via video call, the viewing begins

easy to visit

Our agent shows you every aspect of the property and provides information to all emerging questions

all details

With assistance of the agent, you are able to also examine the smallest details

all questions

Peer-to-peer communication is also no problem

clarified uncomplicated

It is irrelevant here whether you use Facetime, Skype or the Facebook messenger

With “digital viewing“ you never miss the opportunity of your potential dream object again